Haul – Penneys, Converse & Ikea

I’ve picked up a few bits and pieces recently that I thought I would share with you all so here we go!


A few weeks ago I went to Ikea to pick up frame for my Miffy print. I wanted to get one the exact same as the frame I have my Moomin print in, but as you can see in the photos, the new frame is a little off white. I’m not sure why as I made sure it was the exact same frame. I doesn’t really bother me and I’m also not arsed to go all the way back out to Ikea to replace it to be honest. The frame is the Rabbia frame and cost €7.


I also picked up a little gold frame for my Monet postcard that my sister got me from Vienna last year. I picked up another gold frame in Tiger the very next day to frame another Monet postcard that my boyfriend got me in our National Gallery because it’s my favourite painting in the entire gallery.  The Ikea frame cost €2.75 and the Tiger frame was €3.

Whilst out in Ikea we made a quick dash to the Penneys in Blanchardstown. The Blanchardstown’s Penneys is my favourite Penneys in Dublin and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. We only went in for a look but I came out with quite a few items and most were reduced!


I picked up this little black and white stripe top, which is very basic but this particular one has a high neck on it and frill detailing on the shoulders. I think it looks way more expensive than a Penneys top and it only cost me €7! I know H&M have a similar style one at the moment and I bet its at least €15 euro. (I checked and I was totally right haha)



The next thing I picked up is possibly my favourite. My mam had spotted this bag a few days ago on Facebook and just as expected it was hard to find in store. It’s a Gucci style bag with bee embellishment detailing. It’s even got the greens and reds that Gucci are popular for! I’d reckon you’d do well to grab this bargain once word gets out that Penneys stock it for €10!


The next thing I picked up was a bit random and I didn’t think I’d need them but it did absolutely lash the day I bought them so it was a good buy I guess. I came across these red wellie boots that were reduced to €5 so of course I couldn’t pass the offer, even if they fall apart in the rain on me.



The last thing in my haul is something I’ve been wanting for weeks (well years but that’s a bit dramatic). I finally got around to buying myself black high top converse. I’ve always wanted a pair of black high tops but had quite a few colours at one point that I couldn’t justify anymore of them, and then for a while I had none at all. I think black converses of all are the most basic pair and sort of a staple item to your wardrobe. They’re so easy to style and literally go with everything from jeans and a tee to a floral dress. These cost €60 in Office but I got them for €51 with a student discount included.




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