By the Brand: NYX

I thought I would start a bit of a series on my blog where I write posts based on one brand and my opinion on them overall, as well as the individual products that I own by them. I know I would be interested in these types of posts as I always want to know what the must-haves  of a brand I’ve never tried before are! One of my favourite drugstore brands has to be NYX Cosmetics. NYX has been widely accessible for over a year in Ireland now. I thought I feel like I have formed a good opinion on the brand since they’ve launched in numerous Boots stores throughout Ireland.

DSCF7440 (2)

My first NYX product I ever owned was one of their extremely popular Soft Matte Lip Creams.  I felt I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to really test the lip product out well if I had have picked a dark vampy shade so I opted for a neutral/ nude tone. I really wanted to test the product out and get a good opinion on the brand as it was my first purchase and I had heard a lot about this lip line.

My first reaction to the Cannes soft matte lip cream was fairly good. I loved the colour, I loved the consistency and the wear time of it, but I did have an issue with the scent of the lip cream. I find it smells quite strange in my opinion.

I got the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick as a birthday present this year. I picked the shade out myself, having never swatched it because I saw a couple of people using it on Instagram and I liked the look of the shade. However, I feel the shade washes me out a bit. I do like the colour but it just doesn’t work well with my skintone etc.


I own a couple of brow products by NYX as a LOT of people like them (it took a couple weeks to track down a Brunette shade of Tame & Frame). The Tame & Frame is a brow pomade, which I supposed would be a knock off or drugstore version of the ABH Brow Dip. I really like the product but I had found that it has dried out a bit. If anyone has any tips on how to prevent that/work with it, comment below and let me know!

The second brow product is the NYX brow mascara. I use this either after the pomade to set the brows or alone for days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup or am in a rush! I find it leaves a nice natural tint to my brows and that the shade brunette in quite a good match for my brow colour (which is rare!).

DSCF7444 (2)

A few weeks ago I decided to buy a colourful eyeliner from the Vivid Brights collection that NYX has. I originally wanted the blue coloured one but it happened to be the week before the Longitude festival so I guess my timing was bad as most of the colourful make up was sold out. I really like this liner, I find the brush/wand easy to use and apply to the eyes. One complaint I do have is how hard it is to cover the “fall out” that ends up on the lashes very close to the eyelid. I find it nearly impossible to cover it all with mascara so it leads to a few pink lashes when I look downwards. I do think I’ll be purchasing more of these Vivid Bright Eyeliners though.


I had been looking for a bright coloured palette for quite a while and had struggled between deciding on the Full Spectrum palette by Urban Decay and some Morphe palettes. But I had watched reviews that said the Full Spectrum wasn’t that good and very powdery, and Morphe is quite an iffy brand, in my opinion.

So in the end I decide to try out the NYX palette to see if I’d use it often enough to dedicate myself to a more expensive one! This palette cost €20, which is a little pricey for a drug store palette but there’s 16 shades (which is more than a usual palette) and the quality is decent! There’s a mixture of mattte and shimmery-ish shades in the palette so there are a lot of looks that can be created, especially if mixed with other palettes.

I LOVE NYX overall as a brand. I think their make up is very afforadable for the price that it costs and they have a HUGE range for a drugstore brand. I’m so glad that they now stock in Ireland as I’ve always wanted to try them out since I heard about the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk that every Beauty Youtuber raved about back in the day!

Let me know what you think about these posts and if you’re interested in more similar styled ones below.


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