Subversion Lash Primer | Review

I picked up the Subversion Lash Primer the night of the Urban Decay Heat Palette Masterclass. I was drawn to this product for some reason, as I never intended on buying anything that night and I was never on the look out for a lash primer to begin with. The product cost €20 and is used as a base/primer before using your mascara to help lengthen and voluminous your lashes whilst making your mascara last longer and appear fuller!

DSCF7417 (2)

First Impression – 4th August 

My first impression of this product wasn’t great, it wasn’t a bad one though. I applied the primer coat and then applied the Flormar Triple Action Mascara on top. I found that it became quite clumpy and spider web like- picture any 13 year old with their first Collection or Essence mascara and applying half the bottle onto their lashes!

I didn’t feel it was either of the products as I have been using the Flormar mascara for months and LOVED it, and it was my first time using the Urban Decay Subversion so I wasn’t going to give up on the product on the first go!

Second Attempt – 7th August 

The title above makes it sound like I really forced myself to use this product but believe me, that is not the case! I hadn’t worn make up since my first impressions so I hadn’t the chance to try the primer out again until Monday. I used the exact same mascara on top of the primer just to be sure that both products didn’t clash. I also made sure to wait until the primer coat was dry before applying the mascara in case they made it clump the last time.

The product alone works great, but it’s no use if it doesn’t work well with a mascara, right? The second time I used the Subversion Lash Primer was much better than last. I applied it and waited for it to dry and then applied my mascara. I was low key blown away because my lashes looked EXTREMELY long (compared to them bare). They almost looked like falsies, if that’s not too dramatic! I really, really, really, liked the primer and mascara this time around.

DSCF7420 (2)

Final Opinion – 10th August

I do really like this product. It does what it says it will do to your lashes, but make sure the subversion coat dries in before applying the mascara! I do however feel that there is definitely a drugstore version of this product that I could have bought that would do just as good of a job as this product.


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