Kiko Haul

I have known about the brand Kiko for YEARS but it’s not available in Ireland. I first heard of the brand when I was 14 years old, or about that, when my cousin brought me home a nail polish from Italy. Whilst away in France and Spain I was constantly searching for a Kiko store because I knew the brand was popular across Europe. When I went in I knew I wasn’t going to leave without buying something. I ended up picking up 5 products which cost under €20!

I picked up a few nail polishes because I loved my first Kiko nail polish so much that I ust couldn’t leave without getting a few. I picked up a deep purple one, and a light blue one for €2.50. The small glittery orange one was only €1! To be honest I am not sure if the quality and formula is the same as the original one I had but for the price of the polishes you really can’t complain!


I knew that when I found a Kiko store that I was 100% coming out with something from the shop. So the easiest stuff to pick up were obviously a few nail polishes and a nude lipstick because you can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick! I picked up one Smart Fusion Lipsticks in the nude shade 405. It’s a pretty safe colour to pick. I know I’ll wear it because it’s such an easy colour to wear whereas I felt getting a dark lipstick would have been wasted and left in my drawer.


I picked up one of Kiko’s Cream Crush Lasting Eyeshadow in the colour 13. It’s a vibrant metallic-like purple. I was drawn to this shade out of their collection because it was a perfect base for my Urban Decay Flash Eyeshadow.



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