Botanics Range

I don’t think there has ever been a brand that I have loved more than the Botanics range at Boots. It’s a skin care range and all cruelty free, so what’s not to like? I own five products from the huge range and they are some of my favourite and most used products that I own.


I first bought the Gentle Cleansing Cream. It removes make up and impurities whilst brightening your skin. I use it with a cotton pad to remove my make up at night. I much prefer it over micellar waters and baby wipes. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and light at night.


I also use a face wash of theirs that has bits of walnut shells and apricot seeds to remove dead skin and impurities. It makes my skin feel so smooth after using it. It’s also not harmful like other cleansers that use plastic beads to remove dirt and skin. The brand is natural and cruelty free.


I use their All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum after cleansing. This is by far my favourite product that I own from the range, and my favourite product that I own skin care wise too. It leaves my face feeling so fresh and clean.


My most recent purchases from the line are the Hydrating Day Cream and Super Balm. I picked both up on offer a couple of weeks ago. I will say that the hydrating cream is very greasy and sticky to use so I tend to use it at night instead of during the day.


I picked the Super Balm up because I have the driest lips EVER! I am absolutely obsessed with using this. I use it every morning and night. I apply it before starting my make up so that my lipstick will apply smoothly. It can also be used on other dry areas such as elbows.


You can shop the range in store or online below.


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