My Skincare Routine

I don’t have a complicated routine full of tons of products as part of my skin care routine but I do of course have a way of taking care of my skin. I use a mixture of products and brands and I tend to stick to it because I don’t see the point in constantly buying new products if you haven’t used up what you already bought.


First off I always use a cleanser, regardless if I have worn make up that day. I used the Boots Botanic range. I like this cleanser because it’s not thick or heavy on my skin and smells quite nice. The Botanics range is also cruelty free.

In the morning I may just wash my face with hot water and normal soap instead of going through an entire routine. But at night I’ll use a face wash to cleanse my face. I prefer to use ones that include scrubs or blackhead removal qualities.


Recently I picked up this Bioré one because it was buy one get one free. I don’t use masks with beads in them though, as they are terrible for the environment and our sea life.


Next if I feel like the extra cleanse, I’ll use my Lush Mask of Magnaminty. I place this all over my face and neck and allow it to dry in for an extra clean and fresh face. I don’t use this daily.


After all that I’ll moisturize my face. Currently I am trying to use up my Garnier moisturizer, I do love this cream but won’t be buying it again.

Like I said, my routine doesn’t take hours to do or contain a list of products as long as my arm but it works for me.


One thought on “My Skincare Routine

  1. I’m a huge fan or charcoal in beauty products, especially for my acne-prone skin. It does me wonders. I’ve heard of Biore but unfortunately they don’t sell it here and shipping it here is mad expensive. I get my fix from Lush (their coalface soap is awesome) and I also use Dark Angels and Mask of Magnaminty (I’m in love with both of them). They don’t dry out my skin, cleaning it and giving it a scrub as well. Great selection of products, that Garnier lotion looks nice.

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