H&M Beauty // Nail Polish

This Summer Dublin finally got its very own H&M Beauty section in a few of their stores, including their flagship store. Whilst in town the other day I popped into H&M instead of standing outside in the cold waiting on my bus to arrive.

I wasn’t looking for anything to buy but thought I would try something out of the Beauty section. I didn’t need anything in particular but I ended up with a hand full of products that I felt guilty about purchasing so I narrowed it down to just one for this trip.

dscf6948dscf6951So, I picked up a small nail polish.H&M have a huge range of colours and styles in their nail polish line that only cost €4.99. The polish is called ‘ The Other Side’ and is a sort of pastel dark green….if that makes sense. I really liked the packaging of the product with it’s gold writing and dome shaped bottle. The nail polish itself doesn’t take long to dry and needs only two coats for a quick polish with a decent coverage.


I do think I’d probably buy more of their nail polishes, they’re cheap and pretty good quality. I’d also like to try some of their actual make up and skin care products soon.



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