Empties // 02

I literally just wrote up an empties post and now I’ve finished even more products. This time we have a little more range in the products from make up to fragrance.


The very first product I finished after posting my first empities was the Cien Intensive Repair Mask, which I review here . The mask only cost me €1.79 and did a brilliant job on softening my hair. I would use it every second hair wash and I would often blow dry my hair on a cold breeze to leave it shiny too after the product. I definitely think I’ll repurchase this lil gem again.


I finally finished up the Tea Tree Skincare Toner and Cleanser with Aloe Vera. I did love this at the beginning but I think it took so long for me to go through a bottle of it that I began to hate it for still being there! I am glad I finished it, whilst it made my skin feel fresh I do question what a toner is meant to do because I’ve tried a few by now and I’ve noticed that all they do is make my face feel fresh… only because I’ve just wiped a liquid over it, not anyway visible difference.


Next, I finished my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I bought this back in February and have only finished it now, which I think it pretty good, especially since it’s a little bit more expensive than the usual drugstore foundation. My only complaint about this product is that it did oxidize a bit towards the end, but not as quick as other brands, so it’s all good really. I do think I will buy this product again, maybe I’ll try out the Healthy Mix Serum first.



Staying with make up, I did happen to finish up the Natural Collection Clear Gel mascara. It’s cheap, it’s great for setting your eyebrows in place and I would definitely repurchase it again!


Last but not least I finished up a perfume I was given at Christmas, I have no idea what brand it is, if it even is a brand… But it smelled lovely and it took 10 months to finish it so that’s pretty long lasting. I don’t think I’d buy it because I honestly have no idea where it’s from but it was nice to have.

Hopefully my third empties will be a while after this one, I don’t have the bank balance to replace all of this!


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