MAC Mehr Dupe

I recently made an order on ColourPop. One of those purchases happened to be the perfect dupe for a more expensive lipstick by MAC.



With one lipstick being a highly affordable product costing only $5 and the other costing €20 I thought it was worth making a post about. I originally bought the MAC lipstick last Christmas after spending a good hour standing at the lipstick counter swatching shades. I finally settled for Mehr and wore it obsessively for about three months and then forgot I even owned the product. Admittedly the lipstick is very creamy and hydrating and it lasts a long time. I loved the lipstick and will continue to use it up because I do think it is a waste to throw it out after spending €20 on it and I was very excited when I first bought it. ….But then I decided to go cruelty free, which I am sure I have mentioned enough now on this blog but I feel like I have to explain why certain products are still in my collection when I insist on being CF.


Anyway, a while back ColourPop all of a sudden announce that they are doing free shipping for orders over $50 and offer a flat rate of $5….sooooooo of course I order some products which you can check out here ColourPop Haul . One of those products happens to be Kathleen Lights collab with ColourPop. I wasn’t placing my first ColourPop order without buying one of Kathleen’s products so I chose her Lumiere Lippie Stix, which in my opinion is a close, if not exact dupe for MAC’s Mehr. The formula is similar to MAC’s with the Lippie Stix being creamy and non-drying.


The perks of this product compared to MAC’s is the fact that it is miles cheaper than MAC and cruelty free. Although the ColourPop shipping may not be that cheap I do think it is better value if an offer like the free shipping came up again.




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