Is it just over priced water?

I picked up the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water right before I decided to cut out products that weren’t cruelty free. I decided to try it because to me it was just over priced water in a nice bottle claiming to do great things to your skin. I’ve had it for sometime now and I use it regularly, partly because I want to use it all up so it isn’t taking up space for something more useful.


I am not impressed with it at all. The product claims it’s an easy way to remove make-up but it doesn’t at all. Yes it takes away make-up but I still have to wash my face as  I normally would to make sure my make-up from the day is definitely gone. It’s almost as if the product didn’t take away any make-up. It’s honestly is glorified water. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

After using it several times I noticed my lips started to become dry and flaky, but it wasn’t until my eye lids became dry, flaky and irritated that I realized it was this product that I was using every night that was causing it.

Now I’m not even sure if I’ll bother trying to use it up or if I’ll just dump the product, and of course never repurchase it again.


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