Empties // 01

One of my favourite posts to read are people’s empties posts. I love to see products people loved so much that they completely used them up or products they hated but didn’t want to waste etc.

For a while I have been collecting the products I have finished up so I could post about the ones I loved and the ones that were never making their way back onto my shelf.

One product that I will NEVER repurchase again is the Garnier Moisture Restore Night Cream. I completely finished this product and did actually really like how it felt and what it did but Garnier test on animals and I don’t agree with that and won’t be repurchasing any of their products again for that reason. I had bought the cream before deciding to cut out all the non-cruelty free brands.


A cruelty free product I used up a good while ago but I’ve been saving for a post is the Superdrug B.B Cream, which I reviewed years ago, here. I did love this product but it didn’t take long for it to oxidize on me which is disappointing to be honest. However the product was fairly affordable and really good for light coverage during the hotter months.


My final used up product is an eye primer from MUA. I have no idea how much this cost me but for an MUA product I doubt it even left a dent in the bank. It’s a pretty average eye primer. Nothing amazing, nothing awful. Very good for your first eye primer or for people who don’t fancy selling an arm and a leg for one.



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