Mask of Magnanimity

I finally caved and bought one of those over priced Lush face masks…or so I thought they were overpriced until I bought one. The thickness of the mask is ridiculous it could last me months and is so much more cheaper than buying individual masks like I usually do.


Anyway, I got a large tub of Mask of Magnanimity from Lush last week. I clearly legged it home to try it out and omg!!!. It does that burning thing when you put it on your face and I don’t know why but that’s my favourite thing a face mask can do. It smells decent, nothing amazing but it’s nice and fresh. It’s also extremely thick so it’s gonna last me a good few weeks. Plus if  you save your tubs from Lush and bring them back in groups of five or more you can get a free face mask, which is clearly partially a marketing thing and it works so good because I have everyone donating their empty tubs to me now haha.


The face mask contains all natural ingredients and Lush do not test their products on animals so ya know it’s good all round. I really can’t wait to try out more of their products now. Comment below if you have any recommendations for me!


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