A lil beauty and fashion haul.

You all know what this is.



First thing I bought was an Inglot Gel Liner. I bought this after having my make up done for my debs and I now swear by it. I don’t know why there isn’t more hype over this product. I also picked up a liquid lipstick by them too.

For the second debs I went on I decided to do my own make up so I picked up a new palette from Revolution at Superdrug. And again, I swear by it haha. The palette is completely matte, as you’d assume by the name, and is vvvv good quality for the price AND CRUELTY FREE!!!! So it’s just good news all round.

I picked up a NYX Frame and Tame Brow Pomade too, which had to be done after the girl used one on me in Inglot. I searched high and low for my shade, turns out the entire population of Dublin is also the shade Espresso.

To take all this crap off my face I picked up some cotton rounds at Penneys, which don’t need much praise.



The world and it’s mother bought the Faux Leather Jacket from Zara this year and I don’t blame them. I picked mine up during their Sale so it was reduced to only 20€! It comes in three colours, mustard yellow, light blue and light pink, and I don’t think I really need to convince you to buy it. It’s also still on the website!

Also from Zara is this white v-neck t-shirt. V basic. V affordable. V soft.

At Pull and Bear I picked up ANOTHER stripey top. Again, v basic.

And just as I was about to publish this post I picked up a black pair of slack trousers from New Look. I think they’ll look adorable with stripey tops, ay  ^, or little lacey tops. And it has a little cute belt thing around the waist with short ankle length legs… so I guess they’re maybe cigarette style.


(pls do excuse the bad photos, I was just so excited to have a new laptop and new clothes that I wanted to post ASAP hahah)





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