Preparing for a Debs

Debs season is back, which means girls all over Ireland are currently pampering themselves to bits in preparation for one of the most exciting nights of the Summer. (In my opinion.)

These are a few of the items I have picked up in preparation for my debs next week and my boyfriend’s a week later. This year I have decided to do my own hair so of course I went and bought a hair repair mask, which I love and have reviewed already.

Along with the hair mask I bought a new bottle of dry shampoo so that I can add texture to my hair before stylising it. The Co Lab Dry Shampoos were more than half price at Superdrug so of course it was my choice of dry shampoo.

For my nails I picked up a rose gold nail polish by Catrice. Lik last year I decided to grow my nails out and paint them myself instead of paying to have them done. Whilst picking up that Naik polish at Penneys I also picked up a set of individual false lashes because it was an extra 15€ to have them done with my make up, which I thought was a bit too much for one extra add on. i have used these lashes before and loved them! 

I picked up some face masks I can use before I have my make up done in Inglot/ Urban Decay  so that my fave is fresh and soft. These were 3 for 2 at Superdrug. 


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