Pretty in Pink

Blthndmlny 001

Last week I went into Superdrug and as usual I came out with a new item to add to my make up collection. My newest purchase was a lip lacquer from the brand Revolution. Up until last week I had always passed the Revolution stand as it look liked one of those more expensive drugstore make up brands like L’oreal etc. But they’re actually very, very affordable with a similar price range as MUA.

Blthndmlny 004


I bought a lip lacquer from their Salvation Velvet Lacquer line in the shade ‘What I believe’, which cost €3.85. It’s a nice wearable pink colour. Obviously you apply the lip lacquer much like a lip gloss and then it dries matte, I found this particular product to be very dry though and it ended up crumbling a little. It also comes off quite easily when you drink, which I didn’t expect to be so easy.

Blthndmlny 009
‘What I believe





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