Mac Collection

I don’t own many Mac products but I thought I would post about the ones I do have.

In total I own four eyeshadows and a lipgloss ( I know it’s a very bare collection). I got these products a while back and if I’m honest I hardly ever use them, except for Wood Winked. Which, I think, is why my collection has stayed so little.

Empties and Mac Collection 024

I managed to fill a quad with the help of my sister who gave me her eyeshadows. The quad includes Wood Winked, Nylon, Tempting and Fig 1. Again, my most used eyeshadow is definitely Wood Winked, it’s just so beautiful.

Empties and Mac Collection 027

Top to bottom: Wood Winked,Tempting Fig 1, Nylon
Top to bottom: Wood Winked,Tempting, Fig 1, Nylon

Sadly my only lip product from Mac is a LipGlass lipgloss in Pink Lemonade. It’s a really cute pink shade and I do love it but I wish I had a few lipsticks in my collection instead of a lipgloss.

Empties and Mac Collection 020Empties and Mac Collection 022

Since my actual collection isn’t big, I think I might do a Mac Wishlist blog post soon! Let me know what your favourite Mac products are and don’t forget you can follow me on these social media below!





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