Wishlist #1


The Lorac Pro Palette is one of the prettiest eyeshadow palettes ever and it must be mine.

If I could afford it I would happily own every Mac lipstick possible but until that day happens I’ll stick to my Catrice lipsticks.

I haven’t been able to avoid the hype behind the Mary Lou Manizer  by The Balm, it seems to be featured in EVERY YouTube video I watch. So of course I’m curious to find out just how good this highlighter really is.


4 thoughts on “Wishlist #1

  1. My Lorac Pro palette gets used pretty much DAILY. I think it is one of the best palettes I have ever bought. That Expresso color is total perfection. It’s a great pigmented black. Everything.. just perfect. Mary Lou-Manizer is awesome too. It’s one of the best highlighters. I don’t have that MAC shade you like but it looks gorgeous.

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      1. The Pro Palette 2 is nice too but I don’t use it anywhere as much as the first one. The luminizer is almost daily. I did get the Laura Mercier one which is a little pinkish and it’s really pretty. I switch off now but before I had Laura one? It was The Balm every day.


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