‘It’ by Alexa Chung

I’m sitting here in a Bugs Bunny onesie wondering what to write for my first blog post and yes I did say Bugs Bunny onesie. Whilst sitting all warm and cosy I thought I’d like to make my first blog post relevant to what’s happening now in my life.

And the most exciting thing that has happened to me this week was FINALLY receiving my Alexa Chung ‘It’ paperback book and a money-can’t-buy limited edition tote bag, which I luckily won on Leanne Woodfull’s blog a few weeks ago! (http://www.thunderandthreads.com/)

photo 1

I read the ‘It’ after receiving it on the Monday, it took me about 45 minutes to read the entire book. The paperback has more pictures than it does writing and in my opinion is fairly over priced if you weren’t a die hard Alexa Chung fan like myself.

photo 3

‘It’ covers just about everything from her early style inspirations, life, love, music and how to take a damn good selfie interspersed with notebook doodles and very instagrammable photos. It’s an enjoyable read if you’re a fan of Chung.



2 thoughts on “‘It’ by Alexa Chung

  1. Hello, my friend is a big fans of Alex Chung, she saw your blog post about the tote bag and she’s really interesting in getting one too. Do you by any chance know if there’s any way to get one like this, or would you be willing to sell your’s? Please let me know, much appreciate!!


    1. the tote was limited edition, i think i mentioned that in the blog post, but I’m sure if you looked around on the internet you’d find someone selling it, unfortunately i not selling the bag. sorry


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