Fenty Beauty Review

A couple of weeks ago Rihanna dropped her highly anticipated beauty line, Fenty Beauty. The launch included a range of FORTY foundation shades, which takes some brands years to produce, if they even bother to acknowledging that we aren’t all olive tones and tanned. Rihanna has managed to cover all skin tones leaving no one left … More Fenty Beauty Review

Yes, Please!

So as many of you have have heard, ColourPop have released a handful of new products including concealers, primers, lip balms and eyeshadow palettes. The one that caught my eye the most was, of course, the Yes, Please! palette. There was something about the colours in the palette that drew me to it, plus it’s … More Yes, Please!

Empties // 03

I’ve had this post in my drafts for quite sometime now and I’ve been slowly adding to it bit by bit as I use up my products, that’s why some of the products have been used up since March, and others more recently! I’m using some old photos as I have actually thrown out a … More Empties // 03

By the Brand: NYX

I thought I would start a bit of a series on my blog where I write posts based on one brand and my opinion on them overall, as well as the individual products that I own by them. I know I would be interested in these types of posts as I always want to know … More By the Brand: NYX

Depop Sale

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted here in quite sometime but I do have plans to post regularly soon! For now I thought I would share my Depop with you all as I have added a few pieces to it recently! (I know the picture quality isn’t great because it’s been enlarged from a depop square … More Depop Sale